Wireless World Research Forum
Meeting 49

March 28th-30th 2023
Poznań, Poland

Towards sustainable and automated communications


49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland

Speaker image of Tommy Svensson

Tommy Svensson

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Speaker image of Marwa Chafii

Marwa Chafii

New York University (NYU) Abu Dhabi

Speaker image of Merouane Debbah

Merouane Debbah

Technology Innovation Institute, UAE

Speaker image of Jaap van de Beek

Jaap van de Beek

Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

Speaker image of Margot Deruyck

Margot Deruyck

Ghent University – IMEC – WAVES, Belgium

Speaker image of Piotr Rydlichowski

Piotr Rydlichowski

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center,

Speaker image of Cynthia S. Hood

Cynthia S. Hood

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago


Call for Papers

49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland

Over the past two decades, wireless communications have fundamentally transformed our daily life and created an almost fully connected society, linking billions of people and devices to reap the benefits of today’s digital economy. Every sector of the world economy now relies on wireless technologies in fundamental ways, from banking and agriculture to transportation and healthcare. In addition, powerful cutting-edge technologies that rely on robust wireless communications networks – such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 – hold great potential for improving lives at an unprecedented pace and scale.

However, the rapid development of advanced telecommunications networks, in response to the continuously growing global demand for data transmission and access to information, also entails a very large increase in the resources used. The telecommunications of the future must face new challenges, including a significant reduction in energy consumption while maintaining the same quality parameters, and ensuring sustainable development through the responsible use of available resources.

At the same time, the complexity of telecommunications systems is increasing so significantly that the processes of design, maintenance and development have to be considered holistically. There is a strong need for making the network not only resource sustainable, but also autonomous and automated.

There is also room for societal and technological improvements to address the digital divide that continues to exist in the world. Tackling uneven global distribution and ensuring a better world requires super-connecting the already connected and connecting the unconnected, while guaranteeing an impressive quality of experience worldwide. Future wireless communication systems must also effectively support a universal and ubiquitous cyber physical infrastructure.

The huge variety of intelligent applications envisaged for a wireless future will require a novel network structure, spectrum access schemes, and resource allocation solutions, while factoring in energy efficiency and security/privacy considerations. Thus, highly innovative wireless solutions with varied quality specifications when it comes to service requirements have become paramount in ensuring a greener world. Examples of some technological breakthroughs include intelligent surfaces, semantic communications, and digital twin technology, to name a few.

Under the theme “Towards sustainable and automated communications”, the 49th Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) will take place at Poznan University of Technology, Poland, from 28-30 March 2023. You are invited to be part of designing the wireless future by joining us for three days of insightful discussions, presentations, innovative brainstorming, and expert-level networking.

Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts aligned with the theme of the event, on one or more of the following topics, or on any relevant aspect of wireless innovation for a better world:

Authors are expected to be physically present in Poznan to present their contribution.

Why Attend WWRF 49?

WWRF is a unique forum which brings together the wireless community to tackle key research challenges. As an attendee, you will be able to: (i) define your future wireless strategies by leveraging the insights of industry leaders, (ii) ease future standardization by harmonizing research views at the research stage, (iii) identify new trends and ideas in wireless communications, and (iv) share insights on research directions and visions for the Wireless World.

Submission Instructions

Contributors should submit an extended abstract by 28th January 2023 to contributions@wwrf.ch for review. Extended abstracts should be preferably at least two pages in length, either in plain ASCII text, MS Word or Adobe PDF. A template for abstracts or papers is available at the link below. Full papers must be prepared using the WWRF template, which is also available below. The following list shows the different working groups (WGs) and Vertical Industry Platforms (VIPs) to one of which the contributions should be directed:


Selected papers will be published in the newly-launched WWRF journal.


ABSTRACT DEADLINE14st February 2023
EVENT28-30th March 2023


Please note that, by disclosing information to WWRF, it is deemed non-confidential, in accordance with Section 8 of the WWRF Articles of Association, and authors grant WWRF permission to use such information as described in the WWRF copyright licence.

Authors must complete and submit a copyright licence along with their full paper.

Contributions submitted without a completed and signed copyright licence cannot be published in the meeting proceedings or in WWRF’s other publications. Abstracts do not require a copyright licence.


Funding is available to support a number of students travelling to and presenting papers at the meeting. Application for student funding must be provided with paper submission. The level of grant will depend on available funds and the student's country of residence (up to €500 for students in Europe, and €800 for those resident elsewhere). Priority will be given to students from member organizations.

Steering Committee

Speaker image of Nigel Jefferies

Nigel Jefferies

Wireless World Research Forum

Speaker image of Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar

Wireless World Research Forum

Speaker image of Hendrik Berndt

Hendrik Berndt

Vice-Chair EMEA
Wireless World Research Forum

Speaker image of Adrian Kliks

Adrian Kliks

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Programme Committee

Speaker image of Simon Fletcher

Simon Fletcher

Associate Member
Real Wireless

Speaker image of Peter Lindgren

Peter Lindgren

Aarhus University, Denmark

Speaker image of HyeonWoo Lee

HyeonWoo Lee

Individual Member
Dankook University

Speaker image of Knud Erik Skouby

Knud Erik Skouby

AURI Member
Aalborg University

Speaker image of Seshadri Mohan

Seshadri Mohan

University of Arkansas

Speaker image of Sudhir Dixit

Sudhir Dixit

Vice-Chair Americas

Speaker image of Angeliki Alexiou

Angeliki Alexiou

University of Piraeus

Speaker image of Costas Danas

Costas Danas

Chair of e-Health and Wearables, WWRF

Organizing Committee

Speaker image of Adrian Kliks

Adrian Kliks

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Pawel Sroka

Pawel Sroka

Assistant Professor
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Pawel Kryszkiewicz

Pawel Kryszkiewicz

Assistant Professor
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Krzysztof Cichon

Krzysztof Cichon

Assistant Professor
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Marcin Hoffmann

Marcin Hoffmann

PhD student
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Salim Janji

Salim Janji

PhD student
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Lukasz Kulacz

Lukasz Kulacz

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Adam Samorzewski

Adam Samorzewski

PhD student
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Speaker image of Malgorzata Wasilewska

Malgorzata Wasilewska

Poznan University of Technology, Poland



49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland



Fee & Registration

49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland

Early Registration fees
€ 450
After the
3rd of March, 2023
€ 500
Prices are in EUR and are VAT inclusive.
Early Registration fees
€ 500
After the
3rd of March, 2023
€ 550
Prices are in EUR and are VAT inclusive.
Early Registration fees
€ 50
After the
3rd of March, 2023
€ 50
Prices are in EUR and are VAT inclusive.

We accept only online payment

For Authors:

WWRF Cancellation Policy

Full refunds, excluding €50 processing fee per registrant, will be granted to cancellations received in writing or via email up to eight weeks before the meeting. Cancellations received up to four weeks before the meeting are subject to a €50 service charge and a 50% refund. Refunds will not be given if a cancellation is received less than four weeks before the meeting or if registrants do not attend without cancelling in advance (no shows).

In case the event is either cancelled completely or postponed by WWRF, participants will receive a full refund of the participation fee if they are not able to attend the rescheduled event. Under no circumstances will WWRF assume responsibility for non-refundable airline tickets or other travel costs. WWRF will make every effort to immediately notify registrants of a cancellation. WWRF reserves the right to cancel any single session that has insufficient enrolment.



49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland

The conference will take place at the Conference and Lecturing Center, which is a part of the Warta Campus of the Poznan University of Technology and is located close to the Warta River and Malta Lake. This is a touristically convenient location, as it is within walking distance to the strict city center (market square and town hall), the cathedral (where one can learn about the beginnings of Poland), and the above-mentioned natural objects.

Source: Poznan University of Technology
Source: Poznan University of Technology


Plan Your Visit

49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland

By plane

Poznan Airport “Ławica” is located 7 km from the city centre, in the vicinity of the route leading directly to the major city points and next to the road out of Poznań to Berlin and Warsaw. At Poznan airport operate a number of airlines: Lufthansa(a few connections daily to Frankfurt and Munich), Polish Airlines LOT, SAS, Wizzair, Ryanair, Eurowings. It is possible to get to the city centre from the airport using line 59 or express line L, that is going directly to Railway Station. In line L the ticket price doubles and one can take one piece of luggage free of charge. Poznan public transportation system consists of buses and trams.

Very useful trip planner is available at https://poznan.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en. You should choose departure place , e.g. Poznan-Lawica Airport and arrival place, e.g. Polanka 3. The system shows route, transfers and tickets you should buy as well. Tickets can be bought inside some buses/trams from vending machines (only coins acceptable), some newsagent’s and vending machines on stops (coins/banknotes/cards acceptable). The stops closest to the conference venue are called “Baraniaka”, “Politechnika” and “Kórnicka”.

Next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank, it is however worthwhile calling any of the RADIO TAXI services. Travel from Poznan airport „Lawica” to conference venue takes about 30 minuts- 1 hour (depending on traffic conditions).

By car

You can get to Poznań driving A2 motorway (access from the west direction). https://www.autostrada-a2.pl/en/#plan

The city centre is covered by the Parking Zone. Fare is collected for each vehicle parked within the zone. Drivers pay the parking fee in parking meters located along streets in the city centre. The Parking Zone borders are marked with B-39 road sign. Drivers coming to the city are recommended to leave their cars in guarded car parks and specially prepared buffer car parking lots placed around the Parking Zone.

By train

It is possible to travel to Poznan by train. Main station (“PKP Poznań główny”) is located close to the city center, next to the shopping mall “Poznan City Center” (main entrance thru it). There are a few direct trains daily from Warsaw and Berlin (where bigger airports are located). Schedule can be checked at


The official currency in Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN): 1 zloty = 100 grosz. Bills come in 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 zloty denominations. Coins are 5, 2 and 1 zloty, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 grosz. Money can be exchanged in banks and money exchange offices without commission.

Poznan has a well-developed ATM network supporting Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus cards. Cash machines of particular banks can mostly be found in their branch offices.

In most places payment can be made using credit/debit cards.

Recommended Hotels

Ibis Poznan Hotel

The Ibis Poznan Hotel is located in the centre of the city, near the Old Town Square and the Warta river. Walking distance from the conference venue- approx. 10 min.

Hotel HP Park Poznań ***

Hotel HP Park Poznań is situated on the Malta lake shore, just 4 km from the city centre. Next to the hotel and around the lake you can enjoy excellent recreation grounds such as artificial ski slope, luge track and cycle tracks. Walking distance from the conference venue – approx. 20 min. Booking by email at: hppoznan@hotelepark.pl or fax: + 48 61 874 12 00.

Novotel Poznan Centrum

The Novotel Poznan Centrum is situated in the city centre, 500 m from the train station, opposite the Old Brewery shopping centre, near the Old Town and the Poznan International Fair. Five tram stops from the conference venue. To book, please use the following form and send to the email address or fax number given therein.

Mercure Poznan Hotel ****

Mercure Poznan Hotel**** is synonymous with comfort and relaxation. The hotel is situated near the Old Town and the airport. Approx. 15 min. away from the conference venue (by taxi/ public transportation). To book, please use the following form and send to the email address or fax number given therein.

Sheraton Poznan Hotel *****

Sheraton Poznan Hotel***** is located across the street from the Poznan Fair Grounds, a 15-minute drive from the airport and just 700 meters away from the Central Railway Station.

Tourist Attractions

See the billy goats at noon
Try a St Martin’s Croissant
Take a ride on the “Maltanka” train
Museums of Poznań
Porta Posnania ICHOT
Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience
National Museum Gallery of Art and Sculpture
Archaeological Museum
Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve
Poznan Historical Museum
Museum of Musical Instruments
Models of Former Poznań​
Museum of Arms
Aquapark Malta Thermal Baths
New Zoo
Lake Maltańskie
Citadel Park



49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland


Why join WWRF

Benefits for members

The forum is unique as it brings together industry leaders and academia from across the globe, with a strong focus on emerging economies. Members can discuss how new insights will affect network implementation, services, applications, and value chains in the future. The forum offers a high-impact networking opportunity, and we strongly urge you to become a part of it!

Additional benefits for sponsor members

In addition to the above, sponsor members

Everybody can participate in meetings and make contributions.

Membership Fees

Four different member categories are available. The annual membership fee is payable per calendar year.

Individual Members

100 Euro

Organisational Members:

Associate Members: 250 Euro

Full Members: 1.200 Euro

Sponsor Members: 12.000 Euro

Important Documents


Forum Secretary

Mr Vinod Kumar

E-mail vinod.kumar@wwrf.ch

Fon and Fax



49th Wireless World Research Forum

Poznań, Poland

Creating a smart Future

WWRF's goal is to encourage research that will achieve unbounded communications to address key societal challenges for the future. We are using the term "Wireless World" in this broad sense to address the support of innovation and business, the social inclusion and the infrastructural challenges This will be achieved by creating a range of new technological capabilities from wide-area networks to short-range communications, machine-to-machine communications, sensor networks, wireless broadband access technologies and optical networking, along with increasing intelligence and virtualization in networks This will support a dependable future Internet of people, knowledge and things and the development of a service universe.

A World-Leading Forum

WWRF is the unique forum where the wireless community can tackle the key research challenges. By searching out the issues, flagging them up to opinion leaders, and then working with our liaison partners, and you, to deal with them, we drive the development of the Wireless World.


Our members, by joining WWRF, can play a leading role in this process


WWRF organizes two major events each year combining inputs from industry and academic experts, the exchange of ideas and the evolution of the research agenda and technology roadmaps.


Our well received publication programme, working with partners such as IEEE and Wiley, makes the key messages and results available to the wireless research sector.


To ease standardization, WWRF disseminates and harmonizes views, and together with our major liaison partners, we initiate collaborative research, and develop the global vision.

Always active!


WWRF runs two 3-day meetings a year, hosted by a member organization and with an identified theme. Anybody can submit a contribution and attend. The programme is a mix of invited speakers on key topics and working group sessions. These are excellent opportunities to network, meet experts, and contribute to the white papers.

In addition to our main meetings, we run a series of workshops and other events on specific themes and topics, sometimes as part of other major events and conferences.



We have our own publication programme of white papers (WWRF Outlook) and meeting proceedings (WWRF Library). In addition, we publish a series of books with Wiley, and the best papers from each meeting are the highlight of a special issue of IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.


Each year WWRF appoints some significant figures in the development of the Wireless World as Fellows.


We promote the participation of all regions in our work, through a programme of technical and financial sponsorship of regional events.


To provide better networking opportunities for our members, we work with other organizations in relevant sectors.